Friday, October 4, 2013

Why I Write About Teen Pregnancy....

I write to feel better, I write to make others feel better and open their minds to things people know nothing about. I know this can be a subject that everyone may have different feelings about, but Im just speaking from my own experiences. When people think about teen pregnancy, they often think of the negative. Well, the whole situation isn't negative. The only negative part of it, is the sex. I like to tell people to ask themselves, "Why do you think the teens engaged into sex" Was it temptation, was it puppy love, were they missing something in their own personal lives and found it in sex? Everyone has their own stories, and I decided to talk about mine just a little. People are so quick to judge an assume that if a teen is pregnant, she is out of control!!! That may not be the case. We have all done foolish things so no one should judge one another. This blog is only to encourage young people to make better choices, its 100% real, and to assure that they can make it through. Im far from perfect, I just simply want to be heard and give positive advice!!