Saturday, April 20, 2013

Love, Lust.......Pregnancy?

Love and lust are two feelings that we often mix up. Even as an adult it can be some confusing at times. When I was a teen I can say that I fell for lust, and I can admit that it did me no good. I would say that lust is something that most experience, especially in our teen years. We think we are in love, and we have found the person of our dreams. We can't be apart from them, and we fall asleep on the phone together. Well, isn't that sweet, and so cute??!! At that time it may be all those things, but we also sometimes tend to make poor choices. Having sex, or even unprotected sex which I think is the worse of them all. We not only need to think of having children at a young age, but there are many diseases that we need to be cautious of. So what is my best advice, WAIT!! I say wait until your in a marriage with someone who you know you truly love and that person loves you back. Every child deserves to be in a loving home with both parents, and stability. Im not saying that single mothers or single fathers can't raise their children the right way because there is a absent parent, but I know how it is to grow up in a single parent home, and I had times where I wanted to reach out to my father but couldn't. My main point to the young people, is to try not to fall for lust. Get your education, follow your dreams, and love will find you when it is time. Live your teenage years that best way that you can, and enjoy it because that part of life comes around only one time. Mistaking lust for love, could lead to much more than you asked for.


  1. Jara,
    I second your thoughts on this issue and especially on the fact that you have highlighted regarding kid s deserving to be with both parents!! I agree on that!! I feel parents should really do a part to educate their kids on this issue!

    1. I think that it is sad that there are so many kids in single parent homes. I agree with you on the parents needing to educate the kids more on this issue. I know that for me growing up, 2 out of 8 of my friends had both of their parents. So just imagine how it could be in the next 5 years. It's sad.