Friday, August 25, 2017

Work From Home-Chat-Phone-and Apps....All Here!!

Most people who want to make money online want to make it the easy way. We really dont want to sign up for surveys, or read long and boring instructions on how to do so. So with that being said I want to give a bit of information, and make it short and sweet for those who want to earn extra. I will share a few links, give a bit of info on the sign up and then you take it from there......So here are the site that are easy to use, sign up is easy, and you can start to earn in no time.....

  1. POINTS PRIZES  A very easy site to earn money....All you need to do to sign up is a email address. You can transfer funds to your PayPal or choose a giftcard that you may like. Easy and earn more with referrals.
  2. INSTAGC- Another easy way to earn money. And very easy to sign up. Also gives gift cards of your choice, and funds to a PayPal account. 
  3. PAID VIEWPOINT- This is one of my favorites. This is a survey site, but you are NEVER denied a survey, you can have funds sent to an account (ex. PayPal) and the surveys arent long or those stupid questions that the other sites ask. Very, very simple and easy to do.
  4. IBOTTA-  If you do a lot of grocery shopping, online shopping, or just is an app you can download Apple, or Android and earn cash back on your purchases. What I like the most, is that when you want to cash out, you wont have to wait so long to see your money hit your account. Or if your getting a giftcard, there is no hassle. AT ALL.
  5. MINT VINE- Very easy to sign up, and very simple task that you can complete. Payout of your choosing.
I hope that some of these sites could help.....I will make another one of these types of blogs real soon. There are tons of ways to earn money online, and from your phone. Try not to be discouraged, thinking that it wont work, or it takes too me, it isnt as hard as you may think......Ask any questions if you have them, or message me. Thanks for reading, and hope you make tons.....

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Guide for Young Parents and Young Parents to Be...

Giving You the Sources You Need

How many times have you tried to think of many different ways to make money? How many times have you done some research and just could not find the right information? Well, I am here to tell you that I have been in the same place before. I have called different places, searched online, tried many different sites, but nothing was for me. Well what I should share with you is, DO NOT GIVE UP!!!! Believe me, there are so many different ways to make money online, you just have to take time to figure out which ones work for you.

I have also found a few places where you can take classes online for free, and it is legit. I have to admit, I have crazy student loans!! I ask myself all the time, "Was it worth it?" Yes it was worth the knowledge, but college is beyond pricey and it truly shouldn't be so damn high!!! Well, I thought that it would be nice to gain some more knowledge, but for free. I will give you the information on that as well.

How about trying to figure out how your going to get diapers, crib, bassinet, clothes, formula, or just baby supplies period? Well, I know times can be rough, you may be too young to work, or maybe your income just isn't enough. I have found some resources that could help with those items. Not only do I want to share with you all how to make YOUR own money, but I want to also help you find some ways to get you by in the mean time while working on your ideas. Trust me, it may seem overwhelming, but purchasing this guide will help you through your process.

I am currently working on this guide, and truly to hope to have everything put together sooner than later. It is taking a while, because of my personal life, and I want to be sure that when there is a finished product, I have everything in that guide that you need. Give me a few more weeks and I should have it ready for purchase. However, in the mean time if you have any questions, please feel free to join my group page of Google+........ Thanks everyone, and there is much more to come.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Where is My Happiness?

Ever felt like you were empty? Ever felt like you were alone, and abandoned? We have all came to a point in life where you just want peace and happiness! Yet it seems like it's so far away! We have to sometimes look at what we are doing, who do we surround ourselves with, what are our priorities and FIX IT! Happiness starts with self, and that is why we have to ask those questions! We can choose what we do, choose our surroundings, and choose what are the most important priorities.
I have learned that we sometimes forget that we make those choices in life, and we have control in most situations. I say "most" because sometimes it isn't in our hands. However, the things that we can control, we have to make the best decisions. How many times have you felt like you are pulled in so many directions? Just recently, I felt like I was pulled in 5 different directions. Kids, school, work, home, family, car, and it was just too much at one time. I had to ask myself, what comes first, and how can I prioritize what needs to be done first. Obviously I love my children dearly and they are always going to come first. I also know that even though they are the highlight of my life, I have to sometimes tell them no. Yes, telling them yes to what they want can get them to be happy and out of my hairs for a second, it isn't always best to give them what they want just because they asked for it. 
My children are a part of my happiness, but I lack happiness in other areas in my life. I want to take off in my desired career, and it seems like that is so far away!!! I need another vehicle, but that has to be put on hold!!! Uggghhh, where is my happiness?

The life of a young mother, and Im not getting any younger. 28 years young, an life continues to keep going no matter what. Where is my happiness, and will I ever find it?? Im hoping sooner than later!!!!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Will I Ever Get a Chance????

I recently finished getting my Associates Degree in Health Care Administration/Medical records and I decided to continue to get my education. Now I am currently on my way to obtaining my Bachelors in Health Care Administration/Health Care Management. It is beyond frustrating because I have been searching and searching for employment with no luck at all. I have done my resume over and over again, and still no luck. Not a email, phone call, text message, mail, not nothing!!! The thing is, I have NO experience in healthcare. However, how will I get any experience if no one wants to give me a chance?
I send off my resume daily, I have made so many profiles with these companies and I still have not heard NOTHING!!!! I am a mother of three, and they are my main reason why I wanted to change, and why I chose to go back to school. Christmas is around the corner, birthdays are back to back and I am just lost of what to do. I am just a frustrated parent with no answers for my children or myself. 
I live in a city where people say that there are so many opportunities, but I seem to somehow look past them(sarcastically). I dont know what I am doing wrong, or what Im not doing enough of.
Not too long ago, I began to ask myself, is education truly the key? I only asked that, because of the dead end I was creeping up on.
I am strong, smart, and driven just to name a few, but I am starting to give up hope. My grades are good, and Im always looking for ways to better this thing I have called LIFE. 
I made this blog not too long ago because I wanted to vent and reach out to others about life, about life that most can relate to. Today, I am writing to do just that, vent and talk about what most are going through. This made me feel a bit better, but I am still lost for answers. 
One day, and one day soon, I pray that I get on here and write about how much I love my new job and my life is changing for the better  for me and my children. Im praying it comes sooner than later.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

It's Okay to Say F-It Sometimes..........

It's Okay to NOT Care Anymore

You wake up, get breakfast started, make sure the kids are fed and out the door. Then you have to get yourself together before you head out the door. The day is long and drawn out, and you just want to go home and rest. You finally get home from work and you have about an hour of peace and quiet. The phone is ringing, dishes need to be done, floor needs sweeping and there are a ton of errands that need to be done. Well, sometimes you have to say F-it!!!! Relax and give yourself some ME time. All of those things that need to be done, will be done another time. That friend that keeps calling about her simple problems, don't answer the phone, say.....F-it!!! That friend will eventually get over it, she doesn't take your advice anyway.
What I'm trying to say is, its okay to kick your shoes off and NOT give a hoot for a while. With all of the things we have going on around us, we need those breaks. I say F-it more than a little, and trust me, it feels great!!!! I see that a lot of people try to keep up an image that they are on top of everything, and they make no mistakes. Well, no one is perfect and who are we to judge?? If you feel like taking a break and could care less about an image that wont matter when you hit the dirt, say F-it!!!!! I know that they language can be a little more than necessary, but it just sounds better and there is no harm behind it. This blog is short, just like many of my other blogs, however I hope this helps someone who really NEEDS a break from time to time.
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Friday, October 4, 2013

Why I Write About Teen Pregnancy....

I write to feel better, I write to make others feel better and open their minds to things people know nothing about. I know this can be a subject that everyone may have different feelings about, but Im just speaking from my own experiences. When people think about teen pregnancy, they often think of the negative. Well, the whole situation isn't negative. The only negative part of it, is the sex. I like to tell people to ask themselves, "Why do you think the teens engaged into sex" Was it temptation, was it puppy love, were they missing something in their own personal lives and found it in sex? Everyone has their own stories, and I decided to talk about mine just a little. People are so quick to judge an assume that if a teen is pregnant, she is out of control!!! That may not be the case. We have all done foolish things so no one should judge one another. This blog is only to encourage young people to make better choices, its 100% real, and to assure that they can make it through. Im far from perfect, I just simply want to be heard and give positive advice!!