Thursday, April 11, 2013

Being a young mother, or being pregnant at a young age

Being a young mother can be difficult, but can be done. There are all sorts of different feelings, and changes we go through with this situation. First there is the reality of becoming a mother, then there are all of the other aspects that come to mind. Finishing school, how and if your ready for a baby, how can you take care of the baby, and what type of relationship you and the father have? Being a young mother of three at the age of 27 and had my first when I was 18, I am here to tell you that you can overcome all obstacles. I will not say that you should go out here and form pacts with your friends to get pregnant, what I am saying is that if this were to happen, you can get through this. There are all sorts of resources out here to help. Im not just talking about financial support, which is important, but Im saying support from therapist, schools, you name it. I know that there will come a time when you are alone with you and your baby and you think of everything that has happened. You break down and cry, and you just can't seem to get things together or down the right track. Well, seek help, find someone you trust to express your feelings. Trust me, talking with someone can be the best thing to do. For me, I would take the time out to write. Writing was and still is my stress reliever. I will end this first blog with this, Im young, I have three children, I have my degree in Healthcare Administration and my future for me and my children are bright. More to come.......