Friday, November 29, 2013

Will I Ever Get a Chance????

I recently finished getting my Associates Degree in Health Care Administration/Medical records and I decided to continue to get my education. Now I am currently on my way to obtaining my Bachelors in Health Care Administration/Health Care Management. It is beyond frustrating because I have been searching and searching for employment with no luck at all. I have done my resume over and over again, and still no luck. Not a email, phone call, text message, mail, not nothing!!! The thing is, I have NO experience in healthcare. However, how will I get any experience if no one wants to give me a chance?
I send off my resume daily, I have made so many profiles with these companies and I still have not heard NOTHING!!!! I am a mother of three, and they are my main reason why I wanted to change, and why I chose to go back to school. Christmas is around the corner, birthdays are back to back and I am just lost of what to do. I am just a frustrated parent with no answers for my children or myself. 
I live in a city where people say that there are so many opportunities, but I seem to somehow look past them(sarcastically). I dont know what I am doing wrong, or what Im not doing enough of.
Not too long ago, I began to ask myself, is education truly the key? I only asked that, because of the dead end I was creeping up on.
I am strong, smart, and driven just to name a few, but I am starting to give up hope. My grades are good, and Im always looking for ways to better this thing I have called LIFE. 
I made this blog not too long ago because I wanted to vent and reach out to others about life, about life that most can relate to. Today, I am writing to do just that, vent and talk about what most are going through. This made me feel a bit better, but I am still lost for answers. 
One day, and one day soon, I pray that I get on here and write about how much I love my new job and my life is changing for the better  for me and my children. Im praying it comes sooner than later.