Sunday, April 28, 2013

Young parents and the future......It's IMPORTANT!!!

Today I want discuss that our children's future is very important.What I also think is very important is that most young parents don't truly look at the overall picture. What I am saying is, what are your plans for your child(ren) even though you are a young parent? When you are young and you have a baby you think of what you are going to do today and tomorrow. However, children grow and one day soon to be an adult. They may want to go to college, or need help with a car purchase. So what will you do when that time comes? Of course you want your children to have the best and succeed in life. Okay, Ill get to the point that Im trying to make. Have you opened a savings account for your kids, or even thought about life insurance? Although they may be young now, but this is the time to start thinking of what you want to do to make sure that your child has some type of back up later on down the road. Savings accounts are most of the time free, or may have a minimum balance. Then there is life insurance, you can take out life insurance on yourself and make them the beneficiaries. You never know what may happen, and I think those are great ideas for you and your family. There are also college savings that you can save for now, which is easy if you are putting $20 or $30 in when you can. I say start NOW, dont prolong it. It is very important that you think of these things now because all types of things can come about, you just never know. I wrote this blog because of a special event that happened to me today. Long story short, I paid a visit to an aunt of mine who is now in a nursing home. Being there just made me think of what the future "could" be. Let's be honest people, even though we dont want to picture ourselves that way, but we all have to age. Moving on, I sat and talked with my aunt and she made me realize that I need to plan ahead for my children not just for the moment. When my Grandmother passed away, there was confusion and uncertainty and I believe that if my grandparents would have had some type of savings or life insurance, things may not have went that way. I plan to continue putting into my children's savings, get life insurance, and I want to also make a will later on down the road. I really encourage you young parents and pregnant teens, to think ahead. Not only will this help them down the road, but this could also show and teach our children to save and take responsibility.......SAVE for OUR CHILDREN.....

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Love, Lust.......Pregnancy?

Love and lust are two feelings that we often mix up. Even as an adult it can be some confusing at times. When I was a teen I can say that I fell for lust, and I can admit that it did me no good. I would say that lust is something that most experience, especially in our teen years. We think we are in love, and we have found the person of our dreams. We can't be apart from them, and we fall asleep on the phone together. Well, isn't that sweet, and so cute??!! At that time it may be all those things, but we also sometimes tend to make poor choices. Having sex, or even unprotected sex which I think is the worse of them all. We not only need to think of having children at a young age, but there are many diseases that we need to be cautious of. So what is my best advice, WAIT!! I say wait until your in a marriage with someone who you know you truly love and that person loves you back. Every child deserves to be in a loving home with both parents, and stability. Im not saying that single mothers or single fathers can't raise their children the right way because there is a absent parent, but I know how it is to grow up in a single parent home, and I had times where I wanted to reach out to my father but couldn't. My main point to the young people, is to try not to fall for lust. Get your education, follow your dreams, and love will find you when it is time. Live your teenage years that best way that you can, and enjoy it because that part of life comes around only one time. Mistaking lust for love, could lead to much more than you asked for.

Monday, April 15, 2013

LIFE.......and a BABY

Whew, is something I did most of the time with my newborn. From the crying and changing diapers all the time, it became a bit of a struggle. With that being said, if there is a time where you feel like you are going to lose your mind and just can't deal with it all........take a breather. Take a moment for your self, and just clear your head. You know most times, being a teen you are always on your phones, on the computer, and out with friends. However, if there is a time where you can just be by yourself, I would take it. Take that time that you have for yourself, and run with it. I dont know how many times my mother would tell me to just chill for a second. Now that I have three, I totally understand what she was trying to tell me when I was little younger. I also want to point out to teens, that education is key. Make sure you come up with a plan to finish school and go back. There are so many ways to get education these days that here really isn't any excuse. I dropped out of school at a early age. After I had my second child I went back and got my G.E.D. I can admit, at first I was no where near proud to have a G.E.D. but as time went on, I knew that it was good and I was sooooo elated to have it because I got it on my own. Later on just recently, I went back to get my degree. I finished that in February of this year and I am proud to say that I walk across the stage in July. I will be going back soon to get my bachelors because is important. I want to remind teens that have a baby or children that you can get an education online, or even speak with your academic counselor about splitting the classes up to line up with your schedule. Point is, there are ways to get things done and you should never give up no matter what. Remember, your little one is watching, and you have to make sure you provide a great role model for them to follow.......I know I did.

From the young parents to the older parents

I was totally shocked to find out that I was going to have a baby at the age of 18. I did not know the first thing about having a baby. I had to go the doctor all the time, make sure I was taking my vitamins everyday, and make sure that the little person inside of me was treated great even though he wasn't here yet. The one thing that I was more terrified of more than giving birth, was telling my mother. I was not sure of how she was going to react, and if she would be disappointed in me. It took me a while to tell her, and it was just as I expected it. Her eyes filled up with tears and was in total shock. I cried because I knew that I truly disappointed my mother. Here is what I want to say to the parents of the young teens having children. We all do things that we may not be proud of, and sometimes some things may be a bit more serious than others. Take the time to be there for your children, ask questions and tell them about some of the things you did so that maybe they could learn from some of the mistakes that you made when you were younger. Im not saying that I agree with teen pregnancy, but at that time that teen needs love and support. They need a plan, to figure out what is best for them and that baby. They also have to figure out what they will do about school, and what they want their future to be. I also want to remind the older parents that I think that being super strict on your kids may not be a good idea, however I do believe in rules, boundaries, and letting your teen be a teen. Older parents have to remember that if you most likely continue to say no to everything they ask for, they will more than like go out and do it anyway. Not enough parents listen to their children at all. They ask questions and never listen. I think that is all a child wants is for their parents to listen and not be judged.......

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Young Mothers and Teen Pregnancy: For the young people

Young people should know that there are different ways of showing love other than having sex. Write a letter, poem, give flowers, or go on a date. To show your love or feelings for someone does not mean you have to have sex. I think that young people get so caught up in the moment, and they get that feeling of being wanted, and then they make mistakes. Even adults get in that situation, but as teens your job is to be a teen. Go out and have fun with friends, enjoy life, go to school then college, and do some good in your life. I say this because having children when your a teenager can be difficult, but I must always say that it can be done but I don't condone it. You quickly have to become more responsible, you have to set aside some of the things that were most important to you, you have to take care of a child. Whether it be physically, mentally, or financially it has to be done. I also want to point out, that there is nothing wrong with talking about sex with your parents, parent, guardian, school nurse, or a responsible adult that you trust. Don't be afraid, ask questions, and listen. Trust me, history repeats itself, most of the questions you ask Im pretty sure that the adult you ask has had some of the same question when they were growing up. With all of that being said, I would love to see more young people living their lives, and being a bit more responsible. This is all coming from a young parent who has made mistakes, and learned from them. If I can reach a few of you before you decide to take it to the next level, stop and think about it before you do. One move can change your life. I KNOW......

More to come, next will be for the Mothers and Fathers of those Young Mothers and Pregnant Teens.....

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Being a young mother, or being pregnant at a young age

Being a young mother can be difficult, but can be done. There are all sorts of different feelings, and changes we go through with this situation. First there is the reality of becoming a mother, then there are all of the other aspects that come to mind. Finishing school, how and if your ready for a baby, how can you take care of the baby, and what type of relationship you and the father have? Being a young mother of three at the age of 27 and had my first when I was 18, I am here to tell you that you can overcome all obstacles. I will not say that you should go out here and form pacts with your friends to get pregnant, what I am saying is that if this were to happen, you can get through this. There are all sorts of resources out here to help. Im not just talking about financial support, which is important, but Im saying support from therapist, schools, you name it. I know that there will come a time when you are alone with you and your baby and you think of everything that has happened. You break down and cry, and you just can't seem to get things together or down the right track. Well, seek help, find someone you trust to express your feelings. Trust me, talking with someone can be the best thing to do. For me, I would take the time out to write. Writing was and still is my stress reliever. I will end this first blog with this, Im young, I have three children, I have my degree in Healthcare Administration and my future for me and my children are bright. More to come.......