Sunday, April 28, 2013

Young parents and the future......It's IMPORTANT!!!

Today I want discuss that our children's future is very important.What I also think is very important is that most young parents don't truly look at the overall picture. What I am saying is, what are your plans for your child(ren) even though you are a young parent? When you are young and you have a baby you think of what you are going to do today and tomorrow. However, children grow and one day soon to be an adult. They may want to go to college, or need help with a car purchase. So what will you do when that time comes? Of course you want your children to have the best and succeed in life. Okay, Ill get to the point that Im trying to make. Have you opened a savings account for your kids, or even thought about life insurance? Although they may be young now, but this is the time to start thinking of what you want to do to make sure that your child has some type of back up later on down the road. Savings accounts are most of the time free, or may have a minimum balance. Then there is life insurance, you can take out life insurance on yourself and make them the beneficiaries. You never know what may happen, and I think those are great ideas for you and your family. There are also college savings that you can save for now, which is easy if you are putting $20 or $30 in when you can. I say start NOW, dont prolong it. It is very important that you think of these things now because all types of things can come about, you just never know. I wrote this blog because of a special event that happened to me today. Long story short, I paid a visit to an aunt of mine who is now in a nursing home. Being there just made me think of what the future "could" be. Let's be honest people, even though we dont want to picture ourselves that way, but we all have to age. Moving on, I sat and talked with my aunt and she made me realize that I need to plan ahead for my children not just for the moment. When my Grandmother passed away, there was confusion and uncertainty and I believe that if my grandparents would have had some type of savings or life insurance, things may not have went that way. I plan to continue putting into my children's savings, get life insurance, and I want to also make a will later on down the road. I really encourage you young parents and pregnant teens, to think ahead. Not only will this help them down the road, but this could also show and teach our children to save and take responsibility.......SAVE for OUR CHILDREN.....