Sunday, July 20, 2014

Where is My Happiness?

Ever felt like you were empty? Ever felt like you were alone, and abandoned? We have all came to a point in life where you just want peace and happiness! Yet it seems like it's so far away! We have to sometimes look at what we are doing, who do we surround ourselves with, what are our priorities and FIX IT! Happiness starts with self, and that is why we have to ask those questions! We can choose what we do, choose our surroundings, and choose what are the most important priorities.
I have learned that we sometimes forget that we make those choices in life, and we have control in most situations. I say "most" because sometimes it isn't in our hands. However, the things that we can control, we have to make the best decisions. How many times have you felt like you are pulled in so many directions? Just recently, I felt like I was pulled in 5 different directions. Kids, school, work, home, family, car, and it was just too much at one time. I had to ask myself, what comes first, and how can I prioritize what needs to be done first. Obviously I love my children dearly and they are always going to come first. I also know that even though they are the highlight of my life, I have to sometimes tell them no. Yes, telling them yes to what they want can get them to be happy and out of my hairs for a second, it isn't always best to give them what they want just because they asked for it. 
My children are a part of my happiness, but I lack happiness in other areas in my life. I want to take off in my desired career, and it seems like that is so far away!!! I need another vehicle, but that has to be put on hold!!! Uggghhh, where is my happiness?

The life of a young mother, and Im not getting any younger. 28 years young, an life continues to keep going no matter what. Where is my happiness, and will I ever find it?? Im hoping sooner than later!!!!