Monday, April 15, 2013

From the young parents to the older parents

I was totally shocked to find out that I was going to have a baby at the age of 18. I did not know the first thing about having a baby. I had to go the doctor all the time, make sure I was taking my vitamins everyday, and make sure that the little person inside of me was treated great even though he wasn't here yet. The one thing that I was more terrified of more than giving birth, was telling my mother. I was not sure of how she was going to react, and if she would be disappointed in me. It took me a while to tell her, and it was just as I expected it. Her eyes filled up with tears and was in total shock. I cried because I knew that I truly disappointed my mother. Here is what I want to say to the parents of the young teens having children. We all do things that we may not be proud of, and sometimes some things may be a bit more serious than others. Take the time to be there for your children, ask questions and tell them about some of the things you did so that maybe they could learn from some of the mistakes that you made when you were younger. Im not saying that I agree with teen pregnancy, but at that time that teen needs love and support. They need a plan, to figure out what is best for them and that baby. They also have to figure out what they will do about school, and what they want their future to be. I also want to remind the older parents that I think that being super strict on your kids may not be a good idea, however I do believe in rules, boundaries, and letting your teen be a teen. Older parents have to remember that if you most likely continue to say no to everything they ask for, they will more than like go out and do it anyway. Not enough parents listen to their children at all. They ask questions and never listen. I think that is all a child wants is for their parents to listen and not be judged.......