Monday, September 2, 2013

A Dream......From a REAL Person's Perspective

Each and everyday I strive for the best, trying to maintain a good life for me and mine. I pay bills, go to school, take care of my kids, and take care of home. At the end of the day, where am I, who am I? Those are all of the questions I ask myself after all of the tough things are done. I can never come up with nothing, everything that I say sounds stupid!! "Your strong, your great, your loving and supportive" those all sound great, but are those descriptions who I really am? NO, they are not!! I live pay check to pay check, I hardly get to get myself anything, Im late on a few bills, and Im not doing well in class!! That's the real me, the imperfect person, and I love that about me!!! I dont want to live a DREAM of perfection.....I want to be ME!!! Those bills are late, those checks are short, not doing well in class, and I hardly buy myself's okay!! Things will get better, and Im LOVING me through it all!!!