Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Don't Be Discouraged

Being a young parent can throw all types of curve balls your way. So many things going on in your life, and it can become a bit overwhelming. Remember to not let negative comments get you down. Don't think that when your parents give you a lecture, it's just to get you upset or they think you don't know any better; it's actually because they care.
One thing that I have learned when I was a teen parent, is to keep my head up and continue on with my life. I try not to dwell on things because I have responsibilities and that includes the life I brought into this world. There were plenty times where I did become discouraged and was not sure about what to do, or who to talk too. I was so depressed when filling out applications, I was unsure of what college to attend, and I was just lost in a huge world where everyone has their own issues and mine was no where near important. Being discouraged, sad, and disappointed in myself led me to missing life. When I say life, I mean everything that was going on around me was just a blur. I could only think about, what went wrong in my life rather than thinking of all the positive that was going on and what positive things I could bring to the table. That is why I say, Don't Be Discouraged. I wasted so much time, that a few years after my first child went by and I hadn't finished school yet. I ended up getting my GED in 2007 which is 3 years after my son was born. I missed out on jobs, and even family time. All because I let the negative take over my life, and I would dwell on that.
I want to let teen parents know that you should always push forward and never look back. Make sure that no matter what goes on, you have to make sure that you set the right example for your children. Provide for them, be there for them, and show them all of the right things to do. Don't worry or even acknowledge what they negative people have to say, you just Don't Be Discouraged. 
Personal Note:
Today was a tough day for me, and felt like I was going back to the way I was when I was just 18 getting ready for my first child. I came on here because it has been a while, plus I know that Im not the only one who feels this way sometimes. As I always say, if I can do it then so can anyone else. I don't condone teen pregnancy however I know that it can happen!!! Please dont ever be discouraged, life is short, and time waits on no one......Most importantly, your child(ren) need you no matter what the case may be.