Saturday, July 27, 2013

Letting yourself down is NOT an option!!! Don't force relationships!!

I must say that becoming a parent made me grow up quicker than I wanted to. I am now 27, and I sometimes feel like I'm 47. I no longer put up with foolishness, I pay more attention to my surroundings, and my time means so much more to me than ever before. Sure there are plenty of other things that has changed about me, but those are just to name a few. Now, moving on to why I gave this blog the title, "Letting yourself down is NOT an option". I said that for many many reasons, and its very important because it's no longer just about you, it's you and your little bundle of joy, so it's twice the responsibility.
I have seen people have children, and have bad relationships with the mother or the father. What is even worse, they try and try to make things work for the sake of the child(ren). Let me be the one to tell you that, forcing a relationship because of the child(ren) is not a great idea. Don't get me wrong, sometimes things can work themselves out, however during all of the disagreements, fussing and fighting that child is taking all of it in. Another point Im trying to make is that when you continuously give a person chance after chance, you can no longer be mad at them be mad at yourself for allowing them to fail you over and over again. Don't let yourself or your children down just because you want to make something that is not picture perfect, perfect. Makes sense?
Letting yourself down while being a young parent shows, and your child can sense when something isn't right. I have seen this first-hand. My children know when Im sad, irritated, or upset. Don't think just because your child can't talk, or is just too young know any better; that they dont sense when things aren't right. If you and the father or mother of your child aren't on the same page, then find a way to get to that place. If you know deep down that you are not ready to be with that person, be honest with them and most important; be honest with yourself. Trust me, forcing relationships can be a waste, and you have to ask yourself.......Is this really even real?
Overall, I know I rambled on a little, and most of the time I do that in live conversations. My mind runs a million miles a minute and I have to get it all out. Anywho, make sure you dont let yourself down because as I always say, your kids depend on you. Focusing on relationships that YOU know won't work or isn't the best for you child......let it go!!! We all want the perfect family, house, car and kids.......remember, nothing is perfect, but strive for the best!!!